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De L'Art poétique (1674)
Ce qui se conçoit bien s'énonce clairement, et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément.
What is well conceived, can be clearly stated; and, the appropriate words come easily. (Nicolas Boileau)

Exocet SST Stiletto Viability

Assuming a seat utilization of 2/3 of the seat capacity of a fleet of 5 aircrafts; then, the gross profit would be US$1,642 Billion, with an average ticket price of US$2,500.00. The yearly net profit would be US$889.5 Millions, with a per airplane cost of US$200.0 Millions.


Exocet SST Stiletto

Blackswift Exocet SST Stiletto, 61M length, 23M wingspan, 3.3M fuselage height, 180 maximum seat capacity, and a 2,500 KM/h cruising speed.

2024-07-06   --

Breezy Eggo 19M

Breezy Eggo 19M, a 19 meter tall launcher, with 1 aerospike engine, and a total mass of 97 metric tons, can reach LEO with two metric tons.

2024-07-04   --

AGI Test

A valid AGI test for our LRRAM AI design, is getting a robot to mingle at a formal party, as just another invited guest or the host itself.


RAG -- Retrieval Augmented Generation

Sooner or later their RAG (for AGI and LLMs) will start looking a lot like our MemeStore; read more at and at


Serving Coffee

Serving coffee is easy -- Our robot, designed with our AGI approach (symbolic logic and propositional calculus), can solve that problem by separating the serving from the making, with accurate sensors, fail-proof manipulators, and the right info in its knowledge base.


Hamster Wheel

An add-on to standard space stations, is a Hamster wheel, used as sleeping quarters, housed within a 4.5+ meter diameter Soyuz-like capsule, whose rotation induced gravity helps to prevent or reduce ailments, such as bone loss, bloated eye balls, etc..


Space Jaëger

A 250 metric tons space Jaëger powered by 21 of our Gale engine, each delivering 1KN of thrust, should be able to get to Titan in 4 months.


Orbiter SV1d Mako

Orbiter Mako, Marlin configuration, 61M long, 37M wing span, 16 to 24 astronauts, 19x4.5 cargo bay, 4 turbo-spikes, and 1 linear aerospike.

2024-06-22   --

Hypersonic Passenger Aircrafts

There is no need for civilian hypersonic passenger aircrafts. A red-eye to Melbourne from New-York in 7.5 hours at a cruising speed of Mach 2.5 is good enough; while taking into account 15 mins for ascent to cruising altitude, and 30 mins for final approach and landing.


LRRAM for AGI -- Shalmaneser

Shalmaneser is preferable to HAL-9000. Symbolic logic (propositional calculus) is the preferred and better path to AGI than the current implementation of neural nets or so called Generative AI.



Our LLRAM is our company's answer to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), by combining our MemeStore with our Semantic Command Map (SCM) and adding the LLRAM module as the control module of the whole system.



Our LRRAM uses backtracking programming languages, e.g. PROLOG, for implementation, allowing an easy dissection of the problem space into smaller parts, and the recursive re-assembly of partial solutions into a behavioral strategy.


Out-of-reach Food Resource

Our Laws of Robotics's implementation applied to reasoning about having access to an out-of-reach food resource => self appendage (extensible) | acquire (appendage) (addition) & appendage (dimensions) (match) (distance)


BlasT Exocet-B

BlasT Exocet-B CVTOL airplane, 9M length, with standard tail assembly, braced Glaucus wings, 8+ seat capacity, and two tapered ducted fans.

2024-05-16   --

Breezy Eggo Re-Entry Bag

Dragon lizard mode of re-entry for the Breezy Eggo SSTO launcher, using a heat-resistant Kevlar bag, that aids in atmospheric deceleration.

2024-05-12   --

Breezy Eggo with Turbospikes

Breezy Eggo 47M by 8M 1-stage launcher with 4 turbospikes and a main aerospike, can reach LEO with a tri-propellant mix and a 50MT payload.


Orbiter Ascent into Space

Using Aerospike Assisted Dual-Mode Ramjet engines to get to Mach-14 (Mach-1 = 300 m/s) at an altitude of 75KM, before main engine kicks in.


Blackswift Orbiter BlueStreak 12M

Blackswift Orbiter, a.k.a. BlueStreak, 12.5M long, 6.7M wingspan, 4.7 high, Titanium alloy frame, B4C and VHT paint covered aeroshell, aerospike assisted dual-mode ramjet to achieve orbit in CTOL mode, with around 1MT of payload.

2024-04-20   --

Mars Terraforming -- Asteroid

Second step to terraforming Mars, after a magneto-sphere installation at Lagrange point L1, by first towing a gigantic ice-methane asteroid into Mars's orbit; and, then detonating it with a nuclear bomb, after pushing it into the Martian atmosphere.


Steller XS Stiletto 41M

Blackswift Swift XS as a 41M supersonic business jet, with a 17M wing span, a 3-abreast 42+ seat capacity, and a 2,500 KM/h cruising speed.


Steller XS Stiletto

Blackswift Swift XS as a 37 meter supersonic business jet, with a 15M wing span, a 16 to 24 seat capacity, and a 2,500 KM/h cruising speed.


Blackswift Swift Exocet XS Stiletto

Blackswift Swift XS is a 23M aircraft designed to see how effective a stiletto version of our Exocet fuselage, for an SST or HST, would be.

2024-04-03-02   --

Blackswift Kori XWide

Kori XWide is a 23M aircraft designed to see how effective an extra wide version of our Exocet fuselage, meant for 48 passengers, would be.

2024-04-03   --

Marlin Orbiter 23M BlueStreak

Marlin Orbiter a.k.a. BlueStreak, 23M long, 11M wing span, 7+ astronauts, 4M x 2M cargo bay, and able to reach LEO, from a regular airport.


Blackswift Orbiter SV1b a.k.a. BlueStreak

Blackswift Orbiter SV1b, a.k.a. BlueStreak, 12M long, 7M wingspan, 17MT propellant, 1MT payload, 4 astronauts, 2 turbo-spikes, 1 aerospike.

2024-03-26   --

Blackswift KingsRoad -- Wind Study

Wind study of a stacked version of the KingsRoad, a.k.a. el Camino Real, LMT tower, showing the air flow around the structure, which will have mini wind turbines for power.

2024-02-22   --

Blackswift Blast Glaucus© Regional

The 23M long BlasT Glaucus© as an electric-powered regional airliner, with a 48+ seat capacity plus crew, with MTOW based CVTOL capability.

2024-02-17   --

Blackswift Mars Helo-1© Video Feed

Blackswift Mars Helo-1© is expected to weigh no more than 1.7KG, and be able to transmit an up to 8K video feed to the Mars RobotLander2M©.


Blackswift Mars Helo-1© COMM

Blackswift Mars Helo-1©'s has, at its top, a retractable canopy hiding 3 120-degree cameras and a Line of Sight LASER or Radio transceiver.


Blackswift Mars Helo-1©

Blackswift Mars Helo-1©'s trapezoidal sides are covered with solar cells, and are used as control surfaces (flaps) for directional control.


Mars RobotLander 2M© Samplers

Both the Mars and Moon RobotLander2M© carry dual sampling boxes, each box consisting of a drill, 2 robotic arms, and 2 LASER spectroscopes.


Mars RobotLander 2M© Helicopter

The Mars RobotLander 2M© has an helicopter as only payload, which will deploy to a blade span of 1M, and a trapezoid frustum body of 25+CM.


Mars RobotLander 2M© and Drop-Ship

The Blackswift drop-ship module designed for the Moon can be re-tasked for a Mars trip, by replacing the 4 cargo storage spaces, in the now Mars RobotLander 2M©, by parachutes, upgrading the wheels, and covering 4 aerospikes for re-entry.


RobotLander 2M© and Drop-Ship

A set of 8 wheeled RobotLander 2M©, reduced version of our MoonLander 7M©, and a rocket module acting as drop-ship, could be assembled and tasked with exploring chosen regions of the Moon's surface and craters.


RobotLander 2M©

RobotLander 2M©, 2M long, 1.25M wide, 1M high, with a 1.5MT launch mass and, with up to 200KG of cargo, and using Ti wheels to move around.


Puzzle Sieve Algorithm -- Bin Packing

Puzzle sieve algorithm applied to bin object packing, by treating the objects as puzzle pieces to be packed in a bin's 3-dimensional space.


Laws of Robotics -- Propositional Calculus

Our Laws of Robotics, based on adaptive fitness and evolutionary theory, use resource acquisition for modeling strategic thinking and behaviour, and propositional calculus as the implementation language.


Entangled Space Example

Imagine entangling a portion of the Sun coronal space with one's living room. If the photon's visible spectrum properties are allowed, a light show is displayed. If the heat energy gets through, the person's home is set ablaze.


Entangled Space

Space entanglement akin to mass entanglement, infers that the properties of space can be shared by two points in space. Forces, energies, and waves can move through entangled space, where direction, speed, etc. are conserved.


Superposited States

The Poincaré conjecture solved by Grigori Perelman, applied to space as akin to mass, and entanglement of its points allowing an infinity of superposited states of a mass to be mapped to an infinity of points.


Space Pod, a.k.a SPod

Space pod©, a.k.a SPod, utility vehicle and last-resort re-entry vehicle, uses a kevlar bag above a boron-carbide umbrella, as heat shield.

2023-11-15   --

Steller Swift VTOL 17M

Steller Swift©, a VTOL business jet, 17M long, a 10+ passenger capacity, powered by electric ducted fans, or turbofans for trips to London.

2023-11-14   --

KingsRoad/El Camino Real

KingsRoad LM, a.k.a. El Camino Real, a linear motor transport system, using a coil-gun approach, and self powered and driving capsule pods.

2023-11-13   --

Steller BJ SST 31M T-Tail

Steller Exocet SST business jet, T-tail configuration, a length of 31M, a cruise speed of Mach 1.1 to 1.7 and seating for forty passengers.

2023-11-06   --

MoonLander 7M©

MoonLander 7M©, with a 17MT launch mass and 6+ person crew, is the people only version of the MoonLander, with pontoons or arachnid wheels.

2023-11-03   --

Kestrel SV2 29M

Kestrel SV2, able to reach Mach 25 for an orbit of 1,900KM; and, then re-enter at Mach 15, after a 600 secs re-entry burn, at 15% throttle.

2023-10-07   --

Steller Exocet SST BJ 31M

Steller Exocet SST business jet, 31M long, 15M wide, a cruise speed of Mach 1.7, a seating capacity of 40+ passengers with a 1M seat pitch.

2023-09-30   --

Tourist Hook/LMH

The tourist version of the Hook/LMH [8-Docks] uses only inner rotating wheels, including a 1G wheel which rotates using linear motor rails.


Swift Aurora 17M

Swift Aurora space plane, 17 meters long, with 15+MT of LOX/C2H5OH, vertical take-off up to 12+KM, 1 MT payload capacity, and 8 passengers.


Hook/LMH Elevators

Hook/LMH elevators use N2+Helium thrusters or/and carbon fiber linear motor guard rails, to dock with the rotor and rotating wheel habitat.


Hook/LMH Magnetic Bottle

The 2 LMH sections of the Hook/LMH habitat are protected by a magnetic bottle, and the habitat itself is at an altitude of 1700+ or 1900KM.


BlasT Exocet-B V-tail

The V-tail version of the BlasT Exocet-B CVTOL, with Glaucus wings, ten seat capacity, two tapered ducted fans, and a choice of propulsion.


BlasT Morpho© Sport 2+2

The 4M version of the BlasT Morpho© sport, as a 2+2 straight quadcopter vehicle, able to fly for 2 hours with hydrogen fuel-cell for power.


Swift Exocet SST (Black Widow)

Swift Exocet SST, Black Widow configuration, 71M length, 31M wing span, a Mach 2.0 cruise speed, and a payload capacity of 100 metric tons.


BlasT Morpho© Sport

BlasT Morpho© sport, a 5M version of the Morpho air taxi, as a straight quadcopter vehicle, able to carry four persons for a 2 hour flight.


Orbiter SV6 Star-raker

Orbiter SV6 Kestrel, Star-raker CVTOL configuration, 61M long, 29M wingspan, 11x4.6 meter cargo bay, and a payload capacity of 50MT to GEO.


Orbiter SV5 Star-raker

Orbiter SV5, Star-raker configuration, 61M long, 29M wingspan, 17x6 meter cargo bay, and a payload capacity of 50MT to geostationary orbit.


BlasT Exocet

BlasT Exocet CVTOL, braceless version, with Glaucus wings, an 8 seat capacity, two tapered ducted fans, and powered by hydrogen fuel-cells.


Windowed Kestrel SST/HST

Kestrel SST/HST uses a double pressure vessel design to increase passenger safety at Mach speed, with window boxes separate from the cabin.


The Lander

After dragon-lizard re-entry, and deceleration by parachute, the Moon Lander© fires its set of LOX/C2H5OH aerospikes for a powered landing.


Blackswift SST Fuel

All Blackswift SST aircrafts use chilled Ethanol for fuel, which reduces the need of running an APU for cabin cooling, while on the tarmac.


Swift Roadster

Swift Roadster©, a road&track coupe or sedan, inspired by sixties's roadsters, which uses a hybrid approach to propulsion, e.g. fuel cells.


Swift Kestrel SST/HST

Kestrel SST, 61M length, 23M wing span, derived from the Kestrel SV2©, with seat pitch of 1M, 55CM seat width, and a 200+ seating capacity.


Swift Exocet SST/HST

Gold 3D model of the Swift Exocet SST/HST aircraft, 61M length, 29M wing span, a Mach 2.5 cruise speed, and with a 175+ passenger capacity.


BlasT Exocet

BlasT Exocet CVTOL electrically powered aircraft, to be used as a personal or business airplane, or by an air taxi service for 500KM trips.



RoadLander©, a 6-door people transport vehicle derived from the Blackswift Moon Lander©, uses a mix of propulsion systems, e.g. fuel cells.


Marlin SST/HST

Marlin SST/HST, 61M long, 23M wing span, 4 engines, seat pitch of 1M, seat width of 60CM, and with a passenger capacity of 200+ passengers.


Swift Aurora Space Plane

Swift Aurora space plane, 23 meters long, with 25+MT of LOX/C2H5OH, 2 turbospikes, 5 ducted fans, N2 reaction thrusters, and 14 passengers.


Breezy Clipper Fuel Stack

Breezy Clipper fuel stack made of 4 LOX or LH2 tanks, with a center Helium tank, and a surrounding structure that doubles as Ethanol tanks.


Breezy Clipper ML

Breezy Clipper ML, with a 7.5M girth, a 1000MT LOX/LH2/C2H5OH 1st stage, a 300MT LH2/LOX 2nd stage, and a 100MT payload at Low Earth Orbit.



The Hook/LMH is, more precisely, the Hook Grappler with 2 LMH extensions, elevators within guide rails, and standard maneuvers for docking.



LMH is a space structure, whose center is a linear motor surrounded by docking anchors, for winching sections of the outward wheel habitat.


Space Debris Net

A set of 4 micro-satellites or cubesats, attached to the extremities of a deployable and foldable, anti MMOD impact Kevlar and Aerogel net.


BlasT Glaucus 9M

BlasT Glaucus© 9M and 11M use turbofan-like ducted fans with blisks, within nacelles with vectoring spike and vanes, and a range of 1000KM.


Breezy Oggo

Breezy Oggo© is a twin-hulled recreational submersible, derived from the BlasT Morpho©, with a dive depth of 100M, and a speed of 8+ knots.


Steller Swift BJ

Steller Swift, a 23 meter supersonic business jet, with an 18+ passenger capacity, and able to cruise at Mach 1.7, from New-York to London.


BlasT Glaucus 11M

BlasT Air Taxi service, using the Glaucus 11M model, able to operate eight 200KM return trips per day, with up to 22 passengers plus pilot.


Breeze::OS Desktop as Live XML Document

The Breeze::OS Desktop loads an XML definition file representing the GUI as a network-enabled live XML document, whose state can be stored.


Breeze::OS C1 Desktop

The Breeze::OS Desktop C1 release is for low-memory systems. It uses the on Need or on Demand GUI framework, with internet enabled plugins.


Breezy Eggo Launcher

Breezy Eggo launcher with 4 Bell-nozzle rocket engines and a center aerospike, can reach LEO with a tri-propellant mix, and a 25MT payload.


Orbiter SV1 Space Plane

Orbiter SV1 with two turbospikes and a main aerospike, can reach LEO with 550MT of LOX/C2H6O propellant, a 25MT payload, and 23 passengers.


Kestrel SV2 Space Plane

Kestrel SV2 with two turbospikes and a main aerospike, can reach LEO with 140MT of LOX/C2H5OH propellant, a 10MT payload, and 6 passengers.


Upgraded Breezy Clipper

Breezy Clipper with new carbon fiber fuel tanks, 3600MT of LOX/LH2/C2H5OH for 1st stage, 300MT LH2/LOX 2nd stage, and 350MT payload at LEO.


Solar concentrator as Shield

Solar concentrator, dozen of meters in diameter, used to provide power, and to shield the LMH, and the Hook/Grappler, from solar emissions.


Moon Lander Re-entry

Dragon lizard head-first mode of re-entry for the MoonLander, using a minus 17 degree angle, and movable plates expandable to half a meter.


Moon Lander Delta-V

MoonLander able to land on the Moon with several tons of cargo, a Moon Buggy and pup tents; and able to reach Delta-V all the way to Earth.


A Better Newton UI

A better Newton than Newton, with an icon-driven UI inspired by Frame Maker, used on all devices i.e., personal computers, phones, tablets.


Kestrel and Marlin 41M SST

Kestrel and Marlin SST, 41 meters in length, 19 meters in wingspan, with a passenger capacity of 60 passengers with a one meter seat pitch.


Glaucus Taxi

BlasT Air Taxi service, using the Glaucus model, and able to operate eight 200KM return trips per day, with up to 14 passengers plus pilot.


Robotics Strategy

Our Laws of Robotics use resource acquisition, for modeling strategic thinking and behaviour; where a concept .i.e cutlery is the resource.



Turbospike as a mix between an SR-71 like turbofan and aerospike, which uses atmospheric oxygen for combustion of ethanol mixed with water.


Pass-Through Aerospike

Aerospike coupled to a LOX compressor, and re-heated Nitrogen fed to the spike's secondary flow, or a full pass-through for atmospheric O2.


Satellite Hopping

Satellite hopping, akin to island hopping, after a three month trip to Jupiter, using Gale engines, and dropping Cubesats along our course.


SPod as Re-entry Vehicle

Space pod, a.k.a SPod, as a re-entry vehicle, uses an inflatable kevlar bag underneath a deployable boron-carbide umbrella, as heat shield.


17 Days to Mars

A 17 days trip to Mars, by first reaching an high elliptical orbit, to then slingshot towards Mars, using aero-braking for orbit insertion.


Foldable Aircraft Wings

Wings of Blackswift aircrafts have a tessellated structure to their foldable section, less than 10CM in thickness, with a two to 6MM shell.


Foldable SST Wings

Blackswift supersonic airliners have the ability to fold their wings, allowing them to fit into regional aircrafts group II airport stands.


Muscle Memory With Touch Panels

Tactile haptic response for LCD/OLED panels to enable the notion of muscle memory, with regards to touch input of Graphical User Interfaces


Salt Protocol for Password Sharing

Salt protocol and group salts allowing shared passwords and accounts, where one account is the real one, and the other(s) are virtual ones.


Breezy Eggo as a Building

Breezy Eggo, the building, as a closed-arms bird-eagle, looking up, with windowed elevators going down the arms, and supports as galleries.and nut.


Breezy Eggo as Architecture

Breezy Eggo as an architectural structure for modern cities, 50-100 meters tall, with tesselated leg-like supports, and circular elevators.


Aerospike Engine

Blackswift aerospike engine will be built as a monobody 3D-printed structure, or as a 2-body structure riveted together, like bolt and nut.


Mars Magnetosphere

Mars magnetosphere built as a set of solenoid magnetic nodes, attached to each other with winchable electric cables, for space positioning.


DragonFly Orbiter VS1

DragonFly Orbiter VS1, 61M length, 43M wingspan, 30+ astronauts, 9 engines, able to reach the LMT with 20+MT of cargo, from any space port.


Instant Coating for Habitat

Ceramic based putty mixed with Moon regolith or silicate based powder, sprayed layer by layer, to cover a popup tent, like a metallic coat.


Exocotidae and Space

Exocotidae configuration with optimal use of space in mind, allows for an 8 passenger cabin, and 2 crew members in a 9 meter long aircraft.


Steller Exocet

Exocotidae configuration includes a series of air taxis, business jets, and a set of VTOL supersonic fighter and troop transport aircrafts.


Street Lander

Street version of the Moon Lander, with several possible powertrains, with the first one being fuel-cell powered, with a thousand KM range.


Laws of Robotics -- Resource Acquisition

Evolutionary based adaptive behaviour is at the basis of our implementation of our Laws of Robotics, and resource acquisition for modeling.


LMH Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning on the LM space habitat, consisting in a series of Ethanol wash, followed by spin cycles; impurities are fed to a bio-reactor.


Kestrel Orbiter -- Bentley

Kestrel Orbiter, the Bentley of space plane, with 2 decks, the upper deck for travel, and the lower deck for sleep, dining, and recreation.


Kestrel Orbiter

Kestrel Orbiter, 37M length, 23M wingspan, 14 astronauts, 5 engines, and able to reach the ISS with 20+MT of cargo from a standard airport.


Space Mining

Space mining with backhoes, excavators, continuous miners, ore grinders, and centrifuge machinery for coarse ore separation using hydrogel.


Swift Aurora/Penta Inlets

Blackswift hypersonic aircrafts use clamshell-like closing of their inlets, or the lifting of inlet spoilers, for speed higher than Mach 5.


Swift Aurora/Penta Canopy

The designer's birth stone (i.e. sapphire) is used for the canopy of both the Swift Penta hypersonic aircraft and Swift Aurora space plane.


Aurora Entry Vehicle

Aurora is a mainly civilian version of the Swift Penta, designed as an entry vehicle, and a Earth-space transport able to ferry up to 15MT.


Gale, Pulse Plasma Drive [2]

Gale is a Pulse Plasma Drive, expected to deliver speeds up to 500KM/s, which should make 3-weeks trips to Mars, every two years, possible.


Gale, Pulse Plasma Drive

Gale is a Pulse Plasma Drive, able to generate speed of 100+KM/S at the nozzle, by pulsing ionized dusty plasma out of a spheromak chamber.


Eggo VHT Paint

Brand new coat for the exposed surfaces of the Magellan a.k.a. Eggo, which consists of several micro layers of very high temperature paint.


AE-314 Aerospike

AE-314, 3M diameter aerospike engine with propellant pre-heaters, arrayed pintle injectors, mixed with dentritic Tesla coil spark ignitors.


Eggo Launch Vehicle

Eggo, Earth Gravity Goodbye, single stage launch vehicle with VTOL and horizontal flight capabilities, able to reach Low Earth Orbit (LEO).


RE-314 Fuel Mode

Continuously variable fuel mode with a step value of 100 Grams, managed by a set of pre-heaters and axial compressors within engine RE-314.


Blackswift AC-53

The Blackswift AC-53 is derived from the DragonFly EST, as a cargo aircraft, with space for a 40x6x6 meter cargo hold, 50 LD-1 and 50 LD-2.


Mars's Lichen

Genetically engineered lichen for Mars terra-forming, able to thrive in summer and survive winter, and feed on calcium and iron carbonates.


Rocket Engine Pre-Heater

Tube-sheet heat exchanger design for a propellant pre-heater of a rocket engine, able to process 1 MT per second of cryo-cooled propellant.


Discovery's Light Habitat (DLH)

DLH is Discovery's lighter version with 3M bulkhead sections at each end of a 17/12 or 11/12 meter cylinder, and an 11M or 5M rotating hub.


RD-701 Rocket Engines

We opted for a set of 8 upgraded tri-nozzle RD-701 rocket engines, and one toroidal aerospike for the Breezy Clipper, for a total of 50+MN.


Blackswift 1000 Airliner

The Blackswift 1000 is derived from the DragonFly EST, as a 1000+ seats airliner, with one floor topped with a tesselated transparent roof.


Bendable OLED Display

A bendable OLED screen made with 3D-printed electrical circuitry on a plastic base, needed to power the display elements added by spraying.


KingsRoad LM Train System

KingsRoad LM train system, a.ka. El Camino Real, designed as a sustainable speed train system, with self-powered, and self-managed LM Pods.


Launch from Water

BREE-Z Clipper is a space launch system, made to stay afloat in water, loaded with 200+MT of cargo, fueled, and righted just before launch.


Turbofan Sound Reduction

Sound reduction for airplane turbofans, by using sound transducers in the nacelle or exhaust baffles, to reduce perpendicular sound volume.


Club Entity Database 2

A club database schema based on entity relationship, where each attribute is tagged, as either a privilege or a restriction of said entity.


Club Entity Database

A database schema based on entity relationships, member variables or attribute sets, allowing inheritance and modification of new entities.


VTOL Civilian Aircrafts

Our civilian aircrafts, capable of supersonic flight, have a vertical take off and landing mode, with large blisks embedded in their wings.


Source Code Completion

A source-code completion methodology, which requests a set of parameters, such as, type and format of data, and data processing algorithms.


El Camino Réal

El Camino Réal, a linear-motor powered transport system, made of tube or half-tube sections, which uses hard magnets to lift immobile pods.


A Better Newton

A better Newton, a pocket-size tablet with stylus, using SIM-like cards as COMM modules for radio, cellular, voice, and satellite networks.


Raven's Landing At Sea

The Raven aircraft's marine version has the added capability of landing at sea, with deployable outriggers located under its buoyant wings.


All-in-one Computer-3

All-in-one, multi-core computer made of keyboard, a rollable OLED or projector screen, or an A4 size paper page, and bean-stalk projectors.


Sonic Boom Reduction

Our aircrafts, capable of supersonic flight, will use ionization of the air molecules around the wings and cone, for shock waves reduction.


Emission-free Blackswift GT

An emission free Blackswift GT running on an ethanol burning engine, which recycles and converts exhaust emissions back into C2H6O and H2O.


Ethanol Powered Car -- Blackswift GT

An electric car running on ethanol combustion and LOX, or atmospheric or compressed oxygen which is fed-in by a turbo compressor mechanism.


Swift Penta's Aero Shell

A morphing aircraft with movable plates, that are part of the aircraft's skin, and which are used to increase or decrease its lift profile.


Kestrel's Propellant

Kestrel's use of mostly aluminized RP-1, instead of mostly LH2, allows for increased cargo bay or passenger space, up to 6M by 2+M in size.


Penta Swift's Fuel of Choice

Penta Swift's use of ethyl alcohol in a 3 to 1 ratio with water, helps minimize the heat problem, associated with aerospike engine cooling.


Vomit Comet

A vomit comet simulating a rocket ride into space, using wrap-around OLED displays along the whole fuselage, with views of earth and space.


Space Telescope

A set of geostationary orbiting micro-satellites, used as a space telescope, capable of high-res imagery matching larger single telescopes.


Images and Google Search

I discover that my websites's images, a very good indication of my intellectual property, aren't being indexed by the Google search engine.


Space Boat PF-17

Swift Penta PF-17 as an Interstellar-like space boat, able to enter a planet's atmosphere, land on water, and then take-off again to orbit.


Vectored Turbofan

Swiveling cryo-cooled vanes instead of a swiveling nozzle, for an airplane's turbofan, allowing for some amount of heat and sound cloaking.


Electric Turbofan

Electrically powered turbofans, with a magnetic heating system which replaces combustion and compression stages, of non-electric turbojets.


Dinner/Breakfast Tray as Multimedia Center

An airplane dinner tray deploying from the passenger's seat, and placed over the legs and armrests, doubling as a multimedia center tablet.


Space Debris Guard

A quad of ion powered micro-satellites, with a deployable and foldable aerogel and kevlar net, used to protect spaceships from space debris.


Swift Penta PF-17 Cloaking

Swift Penta's cloaking uses a micro-structured carbide aeroshell, able to scatter electro-magnetic-waves, microwave, and radar, even light.


Swift Penta PF-17

Swift Penta PF-17, VTOL Mach-10 experimental aircraft, 5 rotors and 2 aerospikes, capable of UFO like sorties to well known cities, towers.


Bangle Display

Bangle or bracelet with several sections made of gold and/or jewels, doubling as displays for cellular phone conference calls with friends.


Puzzle Algorithm

Puzzle algorithm using attributes, such as edge length and angle, color, color gradient at the edges, which are then signatured and sorted.



A firewall-like framework, for url/uri access control, in an internet web server, or server using any other type of communication protocol.


Aircraft Sunlight

A prism and mirror arrangement allowing natural light to be reflected into the aircraft's cabin, giving the impression of diffuse sunlight.


3D Visual Elements

Merging unitary visual elements of the scene into a final image, to be displayed to a viewer, watching a 3D scene as a movie or conference.


Foamy Aero-Shell

3D-printed ceramic or silica foam, or simple air fill the aeroshell's honeycomb structure, and boron carbide is used as the frame material.


Kestrel Aero-Shell

Boron carbide vapor deposited, in a honeycomb pattern with shark-skin or golf ball like exterior surface, on top of a Titanium alloy shell.


Pulse Plasma Drive

Pulse Plasma Drive (PPD), where oxygen and hydrogen are ignited, heated, and turned into a swirling ball of plasma to be ejected at 70+ KM.


SST Air inlets

The Blackswift air inlets are designed to add to the aircraft's drag needed for active deceleration, and to the aircraft's lift for cruise.


Steller BJ CTOL business jet

Steller BJ CTOL aircraft, is a business jet with a non-conventional delta shape, 17 to 23 meters in length, with flanges and not wing tips.


Raven VTOL aircraft

Blackswift Raven VTOL aircraft, akin to the V22 Osprey, with 2 front wing embedded blisk ducted fans, and 2 turbofans, able to lift 30+ MT.


Collapsible re-entry shield

A re-entry shield made of a BRI18 and carbide covered umbrella, cushioned by a nitrogen-filled balloon made up of thermal insulating linen.


Flanges not Wing Tips

Blackswift and DragonFly configuration airplanes may use scimitar shaped flanges in their design, to increase each aircraft's lift measure.


Kestrel Space Plane 23M

Dragonfly space plane 23M in length, 12M wingspan, 6 astronauts, and able to reach LEO using tri-propellant mix, from any regular airport.


Wing Tip

Glove-like shapeable, flexible trussed frame as an aircraft wing tip, sheated in a stretchable rubber and carbon-fiber resin type of shell.


All-in-one Computer-2

All-in-one computer made of a keyboard and a mini projector on a stick, able to transmit any required data wirelessly to another projector.


All-in-one Computer

All-in-one computer made of a keyboard and, a rollable O/MLED screen or a projector on a flexible stick and a piece of paper as the screen.


Table Top Cooler

The ur-engine, as a cooling system, from tabletop/watch to building size, using adiabatic convection of gazes, and a cryocooler/compressor.


Table Top Battery

The Ur-engine, as a tabletop/watch size energy generator or battery, using convection of gazes, to enable an adiabatic cycle for a spindle.


Auto Pilot

An auto-pilot system for vehicles, aircrafts, and spacecrafts; where, one focuses on a 2D or 3D funnel, and the ins and outs out of it.


Blast Taxi

Blast Taxi service and its uniquely designed VTOL aircrafts, with 3 or 4 electrically powered ducted fans, the rear ones rotate 90 degrees.


Octo Notation

A self-referential notation based on S-Expressions called Octo, which aliases nodenames to standard collection data types for live storage.


YF-17 Space Plane

YF-17 is a VTOL space plane, 17M in length and 11M wingspan, with two rotors 1M in diameter, 2 toroidal spikes, and external LH2/LOX tanks.


Polyamide-imide Trusses

Polyamide-imide trusses are used, where heat is not too much of a concern. They are used to support fuel tanks, landing gear casings, etc..



Cockpit OLED screen HUD operating at 50 FPS with embedded subwindows operating at 1000 FPS with frames scanned by a pattern recognition AI.


Blackswift VTOL Air Taxis

Blackswift VTOL air taxis come in several configurations, some with hybrid propulsion, from 5M to 9M, with 5, 7, and 17 possible occupants.


Blackswift VTOL Air Taxi

A reduced version of the Blackswift SST, as an air taxi of 9M in length, 7M in wingspan, 4 engines, 17 passengers including a single pilot.


BREE-Z Clipper

DC-X as a fully reusable, refuelable, VTOL space cargo launcher, which is fully automated, and remotely controlled, renamed BREE-Z Clipper.


Discovery in a Can

Discovery In A Can is an electric generator designed like the space station, which replaces the wedges with spindles rotating in free-fall.



The ur-engine or ur-reactor will be built using a Molten Salt Reactor [MSR] design, a SWCR design, or the VHTR, PWR, BWR, AGR, PHWR design.


Extendable Wedges

Extendable docking mechanisms with endoskeleton space frames as an alternative to wedges, which are upgraded for durability and livability.


Emergency Wedges

Pup tent type wedges are deployed, from the Discovery, to generate earth gravity, in order to carry out emergency operations on astronauts.


Newspapers acquisition

Acquire newspapers with a rich and long history, and mining their archives for story ideas to be turned into TV series, movies, books, etc.


Virtual clubbing

Virtual clubbing will be offered by our company, as a means of access to concerts, movies, conferences, and various events to club members.


Parlor preparers

Preparers hired, on contracts, to install audio/video/multimedia systems in the client's premises, using guidelines issued by their parlor.


BlackSwift GT sedan

BlackSwift GT 17, looks like a Porsche spyder 356, with rear-hinged doors and four seats, and will be offered as a kit car, by our company.


Porsche GT sedan

The Grand Tourer, with rear-hinged doors, should not resemble 1960's Peugeot, and remain as fateful as possible to the original Spyder 356.


Porsche 356

Drop the Panamera attempt at a Porsche sedan, and instead select the original Spyder 356, as the basis for a 4-seat with rear-hinged doors.


Porsche 311

Revive the Porsche company's fortune, by dropping all models except the 911, and to derive all future models from the original Porsche 911.


Lander as Attitude and Altitude Thruster

Lander, minus cockpit and cargo bay sections, is used as altitude and attitude thruster, with both versions of the Discovery space station.


Spacecraft as Lander

A square box as lander, 11M by 5M, inspired by the LEM, with 8 toroidal spikes and 8 legs, a cargo bay, and aerozine-50/N2O4 as propellant.


Moon Shot

Apollo Program cost is around $163 billion, inflation adjusted to 2008, with a significantly large ROI, vs the currently planned moon shot.


Discovery as a Skyhook

Three sections of 100MT+, 10M+ in diameter, made mostly of titanium alloys, assembled into a single unit, with a maglev powered center hub.


Discovery as a Skyhook

The Discovery space station/space craft will have an additional design to do double-duty as the anchor of a rotating skyhook launch system.


Magnetic Shield

Polyhedral space habitat, where every panels provide a form of shielding with shaped magnetic fields along a center pole, like an umbrella.


Asteroid Mining

Asteroid mining using modular mining machinery, fitting into a 17M by 5M by 5M box, and are connected to each other, and lowered by cables.


Moon Dust in Moon Buggy

Flushing of moon dust or regolith out of the cabin of a de-pressurized moon buggy, through tiny holes everywhere, using pure nitrogen gas.


30M DragonFly EST©®

DragonFly EST, 30m in length, 27m wing span, and powered by 2 toroidal spikes and 3 linear ones. Linear or toroidal embedded in the wings.


Wedges into Orbit

When the 100MT central hub is put into space; the Discovery's 48 wedges can follow using 2 space planes, with 2 trips a month over 2 years.


Moon Pup Tents

Inflatable and shielded pup tents, as moon way stations, for stranded astronauts, who find themselves too far away from their main habitat.


Aerospike Cooling

Film, regenerative, and radiative cooling will be used, along a radiator design for the spike nozzle wall, akin to computer liquid cooling.


Mechanical Battery

A mechanical battery which consists in lifting a 100MT up 100 meters using excess energy, then releasing the energy by lowering the weight.


Chess Pattern Matching

A visual pattern-matching algorithm filters through a set of recorded chess matches, to prune the game tree by several orders of magnitude.


3D Video Encoding

An MPEG-like 3D video encoding which compresses only the bits corresponding to the light reflective surfaces, to be displayed in a 3D cube.


Discovery One Habitat

Self-sustainable space habitats shaped like containers, which use bio-reactors with closed loop pathways for the life cycle of the habitat.


Discovery One Docking Assembly

An extensible docking mechanism, able to form walkways and guardrails, which is made up of layers of UHMWPE and titanium woven wire meshes.


Discovery One Design

Discovery One follows a grow-as-you-go design. It consists of a bicycle wheel habitat, made-up of a maglev-powered hub and modular wedges.


Visual Perception Module

Our vision module is derived from our glyph-based language module, It detects static/active glyphs, within a 3D frame.


Visual Perception

We use a fill-in-the-blanks approach to visual perception, meaning that a few constructs are enough to see, versus gazillions of data sets.


Blackswift Airframe design rationale

The plumbing approach for airframe trusses, also reduces the number of joints that would have to be meld-welded, with titanium based alloy.


Flying House

Literally taking the house to the country. Said house is built, à la Blackswift, with a set of rotors, and docking mechanisms for plumbing.


Blackswift Airframe design rationale

The design rationale pointing to the plumbing approach for airframe trusses, is the need for structural flex, in the Blackswift's airframe.


Blackswift Airframe

To reduce time to delivery of a completed airframe, a plumbing-type design is used; obviating the need for an excess of rivets and solders.



Paths, light-houses, color arrangements, colors and textures, pictures as paintings, vistas and landscapes, wildlife scenes, people scenes.



Rules for photo selection for our photography club. Generic pictures must be good to great; otherwise, pictures must be great and original.



A better Newton than Newton, a pocket-sized tablet with stylus, using our unitary glyph based algorithm for improved character recognition.



A Blackswift eating tray deploys from the passenger's seat, and is placed over the legs and hooks into the armrests, like a breakfast tray.



Instead of LCD screens embedded in seats; passengers are provided with kaleidoscope-like full-HD eyeglasses+earbuds with an HDMI connector.


Boob Tube

Boob Tube video parlor -- like Letterman stupid pet tricks, streaming videos of licensed content, or stupid tricks uploaded by common folk.



The triad of companies includes the semantic search engine company, a Perot EDS-like sales company, and a research and development company.



A venture using the concept of clubs, which is hugely successful; would then be split into three companies, before government interference.



Photography clubs where professionals and amateurs post their pictures. Those whose photos are used, by the company, get a royalty payment.



Book, magazine, and newspaper clubs for those hooked on the printed page. Members get a Thin-Window reader, which uses Xerox digital paper.



Video clubs for TV/movie lovers, using secure multimedia streams to your living or computer room. Members sometimes get free movie tickets.



Storage clubs are linked to the search-engine company, which uses 10 times less storage space for its semantic indices than clustered ones.



Club managers are graded on how well they monetize their parlors. Good ones get more clubs to manage, and ultimately get to be company CEO.



Printing and publishing clubs for individuals or companies needing desktop publishing and printing support for their projects or products.



Game and arcade clubs, where video and computer game lovers can mingle and play games, alone or in groups, using secure multimedia streams.



Vehicle clubs for vehicle lovers; all linked to insurance companies, offering sales , trade, repair, customization, and insurance services.



A private parlor for cigar lovers, as a conversation meeting place, providing a secure 3D-sound audio environment, in your study or office.



Clubs and parlors; such as, cigar parlors, game parlors, book, photo, music and video clubs, storage and print clubs, auction/barter clubs.



Clubs and parlors are powered by a semantic search engine with a low privacy footprint, which is the anchor of our business plan and model.



Web newsgroups refactored as clubs and parlors, using the concept of commerce as conversation, as a means of monetizing our business model.



Dragonfly's fabricating process of micro-machining a velcro-like layer in a boron carbide shell, before pouring polyamide (patent pending).



Dragonfly's alternate design, titanium frame, and exterior shell fabricated using the process of curing polyamide in a boron carbide shell.



Dragonfly's titanium frame, and exterior shell fabricated, using a patented process, consisting of curing polyamide in a carbon tile shell.



Blackswift, a.k.a Dragonfly, an airplane with two turboprop engines embedded in the wings, and a powerful vectored turbofan in the aft end.



Blackswift, a.k.a Dragonfly, a space-plane with two turreted 3.14M toroidal spikes and a set of RS-2200 derived linear ones in the aft end.



Advertising, in aircrafts, shown on 4K/8K OLED displays instead of cabin windows, to a well-heeled clientele, using Tsert Inc. RCAS system.



The big mystery, how do fungi coordinate trading strategies in the absence of cognition; a classic trading strategy – buy low, sell high.



Tensioning cables, made of austenitic stainless steel, are attached to the maglev powered hub and each outer wedge in a bicycle rim manner.



17 wedges made of a molded polyamide shell, wrapping around a titanium frame; and, two thin internal layers of aerogel and aluminum alloy.



A 10M diameter hub, 15M in length, made of titanium alloy, with two circular Maglev motors on either end, with hooks for austenitic cables.



A ceramic mixture of yttrium, barium, copper, and oxygen can be bought for around $10,000 per MT. 100 MT can be procured for 1 million US.



Seventeen MT of titanium grade5, in bars with a diameter of 1cm, can be bought for $45.00 per KG; enough, for 48-65 KM of bars for trusses.



Furniture, for each cabin, is wall-tuckable and made of carbon-based material. Beds are 2M in length, with 1M desk space, and OLED screens.



Capacity is around 150+ passengers, assuming cabin space is 2.5M by 4M in size, 2 10M shower areas, and 2 15x20 areas for kitchen and rest.



A Buckminster sphere, with 2 O'Neill wheels, enclosed within a 42M box, powered by circular Maglev motors around a main hub of 5-10 meters.



Our Auroch conferencing display system uses on-the-fly encoding of several video streams, and unifies them into a multi-focus video stream.



Apple lawyers were doofusses in the 80s, using technology arguments instead of trademark, as a legal defense against Microsoft Windows 3.1.



The 3D-Cube display, as a novelty item, worth a few thousand dollars. It is able to display short animations of mini figurines in movement.



The first 3D-Cube display uses OLEDs in a 10-cm crystal cube. The pixels can be activated with radio frequencies with emitters in the base.



3D-Cube display placed at street corners with high pedestrian traffic; with animations 5-15 seconds long, long enough to attract attention.



Advertising gimmick to attract investors for a search engine. Such gimmick would increase ad revenues for the company -- a 3D-Cube Display.



Not content to be on the sidelines, cheering for the ones on the field; they ... and start thinking about skinning the quaterback, and wearing the quaterback skin; so they can strut pretending to be the quaterback hoping noone notices. Adults would be quite happy making it to the lineman, receiver, linebacker position. Most adults are quite happy being on the sidelines, if not inside the stadium, instead of their living rooms, cheering for the ones on the field.


Time crystal

Particles keeping their quantum state in a constant flux, a la space-time crystal, seen as an alternative means of preventing entanglement.



Sphere within a sphere, a means of preventing entanglement; where each particle finds itself within its own sphere, if topology allows it.


Fuel Cores

The spent cores of the ur-engine, or ur-anium, generator will be replaced every few months, and recycled into new ones from the base metal.



CO2 scrubbing pathway: conversion of CO2 into methane and ethanol, and feeding the methane to bacteria ingesting nitrite to produce oxygen.


Company Goals

Our company wants to redefine robotics for the next thousand years with our evolutionary behaviour module and SGF as conversational module.



Our companies to be, Innocent Robotics, Innocent Motors, Innocent Heavy Industries, Innocent Power Company, and Innocent Software Networks.



Bee behaviour is, a level of magnitude, more complex than that of an ant; because, an ant's language is simpler than a bee's symbolic one.



Nematodes and ants are basically simple automatons; whose behavior can easily be modeled by our robotics AI. Bee behaviour is more complex.



Babbler©® is a generating function, with a built-in English syntax tree, which strings sentences along with the help of a knowledge base.


Termite mounds

Termite mound-like habitats for Mars, joined together by large underground atriums, with centennial Elm trees covered by transparent domes.



The most effective means of defeating stealth in aircraft, is the use of millimeter wave radar stations and wave interferometry technology.


π energy generator

Our π energy generator (πGv), our perpetual motion machine (PMM), our perpetual motion engine (PME), or perpetual energy generator (PEG).



Flat UI with pearlescent green, yellow, and red buttons; which are meant to attract a user's attention; otherwise soft colors are selected.



Magnetic levitation everywhere -- maglev for elevators in buildings, maglev for trains on railroads, maglev for cars on roads and highways.



To prevent thumb carpal tunnel syndrome, when using a hand computer; the UI starts an auto-scrolling mode, with one's thumb pressure is on.



Flat like a piece of paper on the screen; able to deliver a fancy graphical user interface, running on a 50MHz machine, with 32M of memory.



For the convenience of passengers, no hour-long waits for baggage checks. Mobility is achieved through the use of passenger sensor funnels.



Train stations designed for mobility, convenience, safety, and security of passengers. Protection against terrorist activities is built-in.



Maglev trains for the tri-city area of Dallas, Houston, and Austin Texas. Airport-like train stations built, with passenger safety in mind.



Deployment of drones, loaded with bio-synthetic sensors for explosives, in a follow the leader type of swarm, hovering meters above ground.



Implementing the normal gesture of licking your index finger; and, then swiping a book page, a library or rolodex card, as an input method.



In addition to glyph positional analysis, our hand-writing recognition engine will use a stenography subsystem, to increase speed of input.



Using the idea that all languages are glyph-based, our hand-writing recognition engine will use glyph positional analysis -- see



Visual anchoring information are used to give a human brain the sense, that the displayed scene has 3-D features -- See



A combining form meaning “earliest, original,” used in words denoting the primal stage of an entity or phenomenon: ur-engine, ur-anium.



Automata theory can be used to describe plant and rock formation, etc.. Our transducer model is used to mimic evolutionary based behaviour.



A computational problem that is easily described by automata theory is animal behavior driven by evolutionary based brains, see



Information is at the basis of this universe -- All can be formulated using automata theory; and, described using languages and automatons.



Imagine the Porsche 356/550 models as a sedan; along with 4 adults seated comfortably, an updated small engine, and rear-hinged rear doors.



A wide rectangular carrying platform as a re-entry vehicle, with retro rockets a la moon lander, and parachutes as a fail safe for landing.



A cargo train to the moon, using clathrate as rocket fuel, and calibrated crates. It is made of 10 to 15 meter sections, coupled together.


Molded Housings

Pre molded housings for reaction control systems, momentum wheels, and 2 manipulator arms; as well as, a fly-by-wire flight control system.



A space-pod built as a polyamide molded sphere with aerogel, kevlar or linar, and cold shielding layers, and 8K OLED 180-screen for window.



The use of thin blocks of aerogel, sandwiched between two thin carbon fiber panels, for use as furniture tops for the Black Swift aircraft.



Interstellar spaceship with an antimatter drive, using a plasma umbrella trapped within 2 shaped magnetic fields, to prevent hull ablation.



Black Swift is the name of the supersonic aircraft, which befits the greyish look of the bird, with the use of carbon fiber and neon paint.



Aerogel paneling for sound proofing, using a simple wave barrier approach, for the supersonic aircraft cockpit, cabin, and engine sections.



Aerogel coating of the supersonic aircraft's frame for heat-proofing, in addition to the carbon fiber fuselage, cockpit, and tail assembly.



The use of the VASIMR drive idea, with a plasma plume of a rocket engine; where the goal would be to smooth the plume's exit at the nozzle.



The wide body, Mach 2.5, business jet seating arrangement can have a seat pitch of 100 to 120 cm, with possible seating for 90+ passengers.



Imagine our adiabatic perpetual motion machine under your car's hood, without modifying much else in your car --



The wide body is for a Mach 2.5 business jet, which uses a body-wing configuration, and autoclaved 30M carbon sections for the cabin area.



A wide body fuselage with a meld-welded monobody frame and OLED screens instead of cabin windows; and using clathrate as fuel for 2 spikes.



Imagine trapping a single molecule of water, heating it to 600 Celsius using terahertz waves, as a means of powering watches, phones, etc..



Imagine a civilization running on the steam-engine, using the terahertz blasting of water molecules to 600 degrees Celcius in 1 picosecond.



Can you receive a message which was never sent without breaking entropy ? In other words, do you get something for free, with the message ?



Solar concentrators to heat hot plates or pipes, shielding for the cold end exposed to space, to power a Stirling engine or a π generator.



Adiabatic power, π generators or Stirling engines, transmitting their power, with microwave beams, to a magnetosphere located in Mars L1.



We call the fuzz factor, akin to throwing a rock at a robot, the cause which drives the robot to behave contrary to its reinforced schema.



How to override a purely algorithmic system, based on a sensory and memory reinforced behaviour model, basis of the single law of robotics.



Overriding a purely algorithmic system, based on a sensory, and memory reinforced behaviour model, derived from the single law of robotics.



A design idea for armor, is the simple question -- Why is sand or day-to-day earth such a great material for building foxholes and bunkers.



A human habitat for Mars, built like a termite mound, using a mode of ventilation requiring less energy consumption for air re-circulation.



A rescue robot shall see the whole of humanity as its pack; therefore, shall provide help without having to be explicitly ordered to do so.



A guard robot shall not remove anyone, but those seen as pack members, out of harm's way; unless explicitly ordered to do so by its owner.



A guard robot shall give its life to protect its owner. It shall not cause harm to others, unless explicitly ordered to do so by its owner.



Our company will implement the single law of robotics, by using a guard dog, as the basis of a transducer model of an adaptive robotics AI.



It takes 2 to tango. Any particle can be both observer and observed; therefore an evolved consciousness is not needed for reality to exist.



Several LEMs, assembled as one unit, to get a carrying platform for landing on the moon, affording a degree of safety on engine shutdown.



A world wood cartel would benefit both supplier and producer of wood, by making it difficult for mercenary companies to remain in business.


Robotics Law

Pierre Innocent's single law of robotics was derived from his model for adaptive systems,



A rocket engine using a gaz-gun design, where the exhaust velocity exceeds 20,000 m/s without blowing the nozzle, using the same flow rate.



Why are a few glyphs, four bars, once put into movement, seen as a prancing horse or other animal in motion, by our brain's visual system.



A space plane [swift], with a body-wing design, and 2 toroidal spikes on either side of the main rectangular spike, to cruise to altitude.



Privatization of the interstate road network, using lease auctions, could generate more than a trillion dollars for the federal government.



All human languages are based on the same basic concepts and attributes; and are all glyph-based, a glyph being an unitary visual element.



A perpetual motion machine as an adiabatic system, using the convection of gazes or fluids in a closed system --



The non-spookyness of non-locality is inferred by the previously twitted four proofs about the nature of space, the 1-sphere and 3-sphere.



Single law of robotics -- a dutiful guard dog with a territorial sense.


Well fluctuations

Checking for fluctuations in the orbit of satellites, as the earth accelerates and decelerates, on its year-long trip around the sun.


Gravity well

A gravity well is an inertial dampener; even though it is a misnomer to call it so, since inertia is not dampened, but rather prevented.



4th proof -- Any 1-sphere anywhere in a 3-sphere is the same 1-sphere.



1st proof offered. 2nd proof required. Need 3rd proof, any 1-sphere equivalent to any point on the 3-sphere, as a corollary to 2nd proof.



Need 2nd proof, 3-sphere equivalent to 1-sphere; therefore, any point on the 3-sphere is equivalent to the 3-sphere reduced to a 1-sphere.



1st proof -- Pointcare conjecture solved by Perelman; the 3-sphere is equivalent to the 1-sphere.



GlyphSearch is the Tsert.Com search appliance, using our semantic based search engine, and running on top of Texte, Zettair, or Lucene.



Breeze::OS Dig [Texte/Zettair/Lucene] is our search and indexing engine, using oour own indexing engine or alternatively Zettair or Lucene.



The PI generator as a perpetual energy producer, using an adiabatic approach to the convection of nitrogen gas within a closed system.



Ironman's arc reactor for propulsion, using electric arcs, within a mix of gases mimicking earth's, statosphere to produce antiprotons.


Spooky not spooky

Sphere as singularity; spooky action at a distance not spooky, the 1-sphere is the 3-sphere, and vice-versa.